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A Century of Quilts:  America in Cloth
Suzanne Marshall

"Long Ago and Far Away"
1st Place Innovative Appliqué, Small
1998 International Quilt Festival in Houston

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The quilt is 54 inches x 72 inches, 100 percent cotton, with hand appliqué, hand quilting and some cotton and metallic threads.

"My quilt is adapted from a Russian folktale illustration done by Ivan Pushkin in 1905," Suzanne explains. "I think it's a fairytale dedicated to Rimsky-Korsakov. It shows a woman lying in the grass looking out in the distance and a man standing next to her with a very fancy coat looking out in the distance. They're looking at a Russian city. In the grass I have appliquéd all kinds of animals and flowers, chipmunks, rabbits, snails, birds, snakes, you name it.

"Most people are really interested in the man's coat because they might think at first that it's a piece of fabric but actually it's all appliquéd," she adds. "All the design on the coat is appliquéd with layers of appliqué and metallic threads to embellish it.

"I started quilting because our four children needed covers on their beds. I checked out a library book and started making quilts. I've never had a class, I've never had a lesson. As the children got bigger, the quilts got bigger, and as the children left home, the quilts got more complicated.

"The prize is just a bonus to me. It's the doing of it that's so important, the translating of something to fabric and watching it grow that's so fascinating to me. It's what I love."

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