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Ways to Make Your Community More Walkable
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Ways to Make Your Community More Walkable

These are some thoughts on ways you can help make your community more walkable.

  1. Organize a neighborhood cleanup day or simply take a bag and pick up trash along your normal walking routes.
  2. Trim hedges or trees that might block sidewalks or obscure a pedestrian's view at a crosswalk; ask your neighbors to do the same (or offer to do it for them).
  3. Be a considerate driver-set an example by driving at safe speeds in neighborhoods, letting pedestrians cross at intersections, and not stopping in crosswalks. Urge family and friends to do the same.
  4. Notify the animal control officer of scary dogs, and the police of suspicious activity.
  5. Plant trees and flowers if you have property abutting sidewalks or trails. Or adopt and care for a public space or garden (many towns encourage this) along walking routes.
  6. Report streetlights or signal lights that are out to the department of public works.
  7. If you have sidewalk on your property, set an example by quickly clearing it of snow or other debris.