"Chalk (Lima)" (1998-2002)

"Chalk (Lima)," 1998-2002
12 chalks, 64 x 8 inches in diameter each. Installation view: Pasaje Santa Rosa, Bienal de Lima, Peru.
Courtesy the artists.

"Our idea was to place the chalks in the plaza where the city, state, and federal governmental buildings of Peru are located. Every day at noon, they allow protesters to make a lap around the plaza- exactly one lap and then they have to leave. That is their opportunity to publicly voice whatever demands they might have. When we put our work there, the protesters realized that the huge chalks provided another way to vocalize and make visible their demands. There were also other people there, writing declarations of love or banalities. There was a multiplicity of positions and traces left there. It was like a debate about the use of that public space and about the government, on the pavement itself, and it became a complex sort of forum registered on that floor."
- Allora & Calzadilla