"Chalk (Lima)" (1998-2002)

"Chalk (Lima)," 1998-2002
12 chalks, 64 x 8 inches in diameter each. Installation view: Pasaje Santa Rosa, Bienal de Lima, Peru.
Courtesy the artists.

"We were interested in the matter-of-factness of what chalk is- a tool- something you find in the classroom. But it’s also a geological substance, found naturally in the earth. Because of its nature, it is ephemeral and fragile. It’s a beautiful white form, minimal looking and very clean- but paradoxically it’s also something that can have a connotation of something dirty because it is used to mark a surface. This was interesting, how this material could be symbolic, iconic, and also nothing else but itself. It was like trying to think about or reconcile a minimalistic form made of this material and putting it in a public setting to see what might unfold."
- Allora & Calzadilla