"Sweat Glands Sweat Lands", video stills (2006)

"Sweat Glands Sweat Lands", video stills, 2006
Single channel video with sound, 2 minutes 21 seconds.
Courtesy the artists.

"The image of a person trying to roast a pig by driving a car that is not moving (essentially driving this animal and trying to cook it) is provocative and strong. It’s very violent. We’re interested in the grotesque vulgarity of it- a kind of excessive overheating of society, and violence. You are implicated in this violence; you generate it. It’s not like you’re speaking or preaching of violence as something removed from itself. The work recognizes violence itself as part of its constitution, and at the same time it reflects upon the social organization of animals and other social organizations that share a collective intelligence. The scene is about excess- a situation filled with heat and smoke and excess."
- Allora & Calzadilla