"Target Practice, USS Peleliu" (2005)

"Target Practice, USS Peleliu," 2005
Archival pigment print, 40 x 56 1/2 inches.
© An-My Lê, courtesy Murray Guy, New York.

"I think about the horizon a lot. Do you want the horizon to be in the middle of the picture? Do you want it to be a third? For me, it’s usually balanced by whatever is below the horizon. Sometimes I feel that a picture needs a lot of air, so I will give it more sky and lower the horizon. It’s not always that much of an issue for me. You know, I see the image upside down on the ground glass and it’s very intuitive how it’s balanced out. It’s always a question of air versus solid ground. Being at sea, you really start paying attention to the horizon and how it’s defined. Sometimes it’s very sharp; sometimes it’s hazy. Sometimes there are residues of colors on the edge. It’s something I was mesmerized with."
- An-My Lê