[Work in progress] (2006–07)

[Work in progress], 2006–07
Archival pigment print, 26 x 38 1/2 inches.
© An-My Lê, courtesy Murray Guy, New York.

"I thought of using color for the project on the military and the sea mostly because I was drawn to the way color would describe a gray on the hull of a ship versus a gray that’s more organic- the gray of the ocean at certain times of the day or the gray of the sky on an overcast day. I don’t think black and white could distinguish between a cold or metallic gray and something that may have a bit more warmth and that’s more organic. That’s my only reason for switching to color, and that’s a good instinct. I tend not to like garish things, so I have probably developed my own palette- which is black and white, and color- perhaps. I’m learning and, over time, I think I’ll develop my own color palette."
- An-My Lê