"Helen and Annie/Amusement Infusion," production still (2002)

"Helen and Annie/Amusement Infusion," production still, 2002
Performers: Valentine Mielli, Jenifer Kingsley, Sarah Taylor. From "Big Hunt," five channels shot on 16mm film transferred to video, projected from DVD, 21 min 48 sec per channel, black and white, silent
© Catherine Sullivan

"There are other actors in the same piece, who are somehow ‘themselves’ in every single role and through every different style. Again, that’s fascinating to me- how the same kind of character silhouette for one person would be a place of transcendence or transformation, but for another would be an articulation of immobility, a lack of capacity to transform. The role becomes something that articulates the actor just as much as the actor articulates the role."
- Catherine Sullivan