"Helen and Annie/Birdie Jo Infusion Inversion," production still (2002)

"Helen and Annie/Birdie Jo Infusion Inversion," production still, 2002
Performers: Sarah Taylor, Jenifer Kingsley, Jacqueline Wright. From "Big Hunt," five channels shot on 16mm film transferred to video, projected from DVD, 21 min 48 sec per channel, black and white, silent
© Catherine Sullivan

"’Five Economies (big hunt/little hunt)’ began with several sources, some from film, some from real life, and some from research on popular ritual. The films included ‘Whatever Happened to Baby Jane,’ Bergman’s ‘Persona,’ ‘Tim’ (an early Mel Gibson film), Peter Brook’s ‘Marat/Sade,’ and ‘The Miracle Worker’ (the story of Helen Keller). From real life I took the story of Birdie Jo Hoaks, a twenty-five-year-old woman who tried to pass as a thirteen year-old boy so she could obtain social services in Utah. The social rituals were games played at wakes in Ireland in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries."
- Catherine Sullivan