"Mrs. Vogler/Corday/Helen/Baby Jane Infusion," production still (2002)

"Mrs. Vogler/Corday/Helen/Baby Jane Infusion," production still, 2002
Performers: Yun Jun Chang, Jacqueline Wright, Jenifer Kingsley. From "Big Hunt," five channels shot on 16mm film transferred to video, projected from DVD, 21 min 48 sec per channel, black and white, silent
© Catherine Sullivan

"Through research into the nature of social ritual I discovered the Irish wake amusement, which seemed particularly pertinent because the games were very cruel- by and large about locating a participant as a booby. So it seemed related, again, to the question, ‘Why do we take pleasure in other people’s misfortunes?’ and to the consideration of this kind of cruelty as a basis for the comedic impulse. So, all the sources had to do with that paradox."
- Catherine Sullivan