"Always After (The Glass House)" (2006)

"Always After (The Glass House)," 2006
Super 16mm film transferred to high-definition digital video, 9 minute 41 second continuous loop.
Courtesy the artist and Meulensteen, New York.

"I’m really interested in the notion of the aftermath, in terms of both politics and the global environment. For me, issues like global warming are so evident that now we are living in the aftermath. For example, right now no one is debating our preemptive strike of in Iraq. We are only debating the aftermath. We are only in a sense concerned with how we deal with what comes after. A culture that, in a sense, only looks at the world as a condition of a post-event is then a culture that can only do maintenance. And so the film- very appropriately- is a lot about sweeping up."
- Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle