"Le Baiser/The Kiss," video still (2000)

"Le Baiser/The Kiss," video still, 2000
Multi-channel video installation and projection, CD audio recording, and mixed media, dimensions variable.
Courtesy the artist and Meulensteen, New York.

"The moment you transgress, you caress. And the moment that you intervene to subvert the building, you erase your intervention. You don’t leave a mark behind. So it’s all about the artist trying to critique the father, or modernity, and then failing. As the actor, you’re artist, laborer, and architect. You’re the artist because you’re making the film and because sometimes, when you’re washing the windows, the camera watches your hand in a gesture, almost a painting gesture across the pane. But you’re also the laborer who, in that gesture, is just simply washing a window. It’s mundane. Then you’re outside the building tending to its form, so you’re the architect."
- Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle