"Black Venus" (2005)

"Black Venus," 2005
Mixed media collage, 130 x 196 inches
Courtesy Sikkema Jenkins & Co.

"When I started thinking and reading about the postmodern condition- or fluidity- I saw it as taking independence. It was revolutionary for me that you could put things together based on your desire for them to be together. Not because they were politically correct, not because they are culturally comfortable or sociologically safe, but because you decide they’re together. If you decide those tennis shoes and those polka-dot socks are together, they’re together because you say so. I had always done that, but I was aware that it wasn’t always the ‘right’ thing to do- not because I didn’t feel it was right, but because I was made aware by some people- in society, say, or in school- that that behavior was not correct."
- Mark Bradford