Learning with Art21

Those of us involved in Art21’s Education Initiatives come to the organization with different institutional perspectives and experiences, but we share a fundamental belief in the power of art, artists, and ideas to inform the most idealistic tenets of education. Access to the voices of artists through film and online media presents a new paradigm for engaging students in art and art making—as well as teaching in innovative and inspiring ways. The stories behind a work of art—told by the artists who conceived and realized it—can enhance our thinking about what art is, how we talk about it, think about it, and teach with it. The Learning with Art21 section and related resources across the site provide multiple entry points and opportunities for exploring contemporary art with students, community audiences, family and friends, museum-goers, television viewers, and the general public.

The work, working methods, and motivations of contemporary artists provide opportunities to re-imagine the possibilities for teaching and learning in the arts and across disciplines in contemporary classrooms and communities. What you’ll find in this section:

On Contemporary Art
This section suggests ways to introduce some of the larger questions related to contemporary art, before starting to teach with a specific artist’s work, theme, or lesson idea. The resources in this section offer ways to initiate conversations about art being produced today—from the broadest perspective and strategies—for educators who want to integrate contemporary artists and ideas to their curriculum.

Materials for Teaching
Gain access to downloadable materials for use in school and community settings to introduce individual artists, themes, or ideas—as well as ancillary resources to contextualize these materials and pursue further research. Educators Guides, Screening Guides, and extended lesson ideas suggest a wide range of ways to teach with Art21.