Connecting to the National Standards

Production still from the "Art in the Twenty-First Century" Season 5 episode, "Systems," 2009. Segment: John Baldessari. © Art21, Inc. 2009.

Addressing Visual Art, Language Arts, and Social Studies standards with Art21 and the work of contemporary artists

Art21 resources can be used to enhance curriculum in different ways. Art21 is presented as a flexible set of tools and models for bringing contemporary artists and ideas into the classroom, to support existing educational goals. Looking at and interpreting contemporary art provides significant opportunities for developing abilities in written and oral communication. Art21 presents artists as real people and shows a range of examples of what it means to be an artist—showcasing artists using a wide range of traditional and non-traditional materials and tools. Art21 suggests ways to use contemporary art to enhance skills in visual and verbal literacy, self-expression, creative problem-solving, writing, and critical thinking.

Contemporary artists often grapple with local, national, and international events in their work—bringing creative perspectives to age-old issues and current concerns. Sometimes controversial and often provocative, artists engage with ideas that are critical to the study of history, geography, psychology, civics, government, and economics. Conceived as a toolbox of resources, rather then as a discrete curriculum, Art21 videos and corresponding education materials help teachers address national standards in the Visual Arts, Social Studies, and English/Language Arts.

Visual Arts Standards

Language Arts Standards

Social Studies Standards