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Racing to Avoid Armageddon

We are all vulnerable to the threats from nuclear, biological and chemical weapons and the people who would use them. But, as the PBS television series "Avoiding Armageddon" shows, each citizen can help make the world a safer place.

Preventing terrorists from obtaining nuclear, biological or chemical weapons is a daunting task that requires many different solutions - from diplomatic negotiations, to destruction or securing of Cold War weapons stockpiles to military and public health preparedness. But individuals can also play a part - by first educating themselves about these threats.

The Global Security Simulator allows users to virtually travel around the world to confront simulated weapons threats and test their knowledge about nuclear, biological and chemical weapons issues. Unfortunately, in the real world, knowledge alone won't be enough to prevent a nuclear, biological or chemical attack. It is, however, an essential first step.

Our future depends upon making educated choices. Armed with information, we can all help avoid Armageddon
Getting Started
To enter the Global Security Simulator, you must first select one of the three weapons categories: nuclear, biological or chemical.

Your goal - Lower the homeland security threat.

Each game consists of three scenarios where you must resolve a crisis involving a weapon of mass destruction. To do so, you must correctly answer from 2-4 true and false questions related to the weapon selected.

At the start of each scenario, the Homeland Security Threat will be at "elevated" or yellow. An incorrect answer will raise the threat by a level. A correct answer will lower it a level. Of course the threat level indicator can never fall below green or go above red.

At the end of each game you will see how you did and you can then choose to select another game.

Good luck! Click below to start.

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