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Teaching about Weapons of Mass Destruction

Issues about weapons of mass destruction - and the people who might use them - were once the primary concern of diplomats, generals and legislators. Today these timely topics are discussed everywhere - in classrooms, community centers and around dining room tables.

This section of the "Avoiding Armageddon" Web site was created as a resource for teachers teaching about these issues. The five Lesson Plans provide a number of interactive educational activities that can be used in the classroom. But many of the resources can also be used to facilitate community discussions and even guide constructive family dialogue in the home.

Another educational activity in the "Get Involved" section is the Global Security Simulator. Users are put into various scenarios as they try to virtually lower the homeland security threat by correctly answering questions about nuclear, biological and chemical weapons. This is an interactive activity that can also be adapted for use in the classroom.

Teachers' Introduction
Learn more about how to use the lesson plans and get tips on teaching controversial issues.

Use this extensive list of Resources to find material to guide discussions about these timely topics.

Discussion Leaders
In addition to the Resources section, a downloadable "Avoiding Armageddon" Discussion Guide has been designed to facilitate community discussions after viewing the documentary.

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