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For Parents

The following Web sites contain information to help parents develop effective, age-appropriate ways to communicate with children about the challenging issues facing the world today.

Resources for Parents:
Responding to Terrorism
This is a family discussion guide from the editors of Time for Kids, Turner Learning and Parenting magazine. It contains general discussion, family activities and age-specific books and Web resources.
American Psychological Association - Managing Traumatic Stress
This site provides insight on dealing with disasters that were unexpected, sudden and overwhelming and how understanding responses to these abnormal events can assist in coping effectively with feelings, thoughts, and behaviors, and help recovery.
Helping Our Children Feel Safe
This is a family activity booklet developed by the creators of the PBS children's series Arthur, to help children cope with frightening events they may encounter in their communities or on TV. The downloadable booklet provides families with ways to discuss these experiences, deal with feelings and help their children feel safe and self-confident again.
PBS Parents Talking with Kids about War and Violence
This section of the comprehensive PBS Parents Web site was created to help parents develop effective ways to communicate with children, monitor their exposure to upsetting news broadcasts and soothe fears. Sections include "Age-by-Age Insights" and "Work it Out Through Play".
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