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Voices from "Silent Killers: Poisons and Plagues"

Dr. Ken Alibek

Dr. Ken Alibek is president of Hadron Advanced Biosystems that contracts with the US government to develop innovative technical solutions relating to biodefense. Born Kanatjan Alibekov, Dr. Alibek was a scientist who developed biological weapons for the Soviets for nearly 20 years before defecting to the US in 1992. As First Deputy Director of the Biopreparat, Alibek supervised 32,000 employees and 40 facilities.

"The Soviet Union's offensive biological weapons program was the most powerful, the most sophisticated, the most comprehensive offensive biological weapons program ever established in the world," says Dr. Alibek.
Part of Dr. Alibek's job was to make sure that Western intelligence officials never found out what the Stepnogorsk biological weapons facility was really doing.

"The major task was just to prove that the Soviet Union didn't have any offensive biological weapons program, but you know when you see these facilities that it's obvious. Huge facilities, a lot of offensive capabilities. You know, I was a strong supporter of this program," Dr. Alibek says. "And you know, when I got an order to, let me say, to develop this cover-up story, of course, I strongly believed that it's my major responsibility and I need to do everything possible not to let Americans and British scientists to see and to find out what it actually was."

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