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Voices from "Silent Killers: Poisons and Plagues"

Dr. Leonard Cole

Dr. Leonard Cole is an Adjunct Professor of Political Science at Rutgers-Newark in New Jersey. An expert in biological and chemical terrorism, Cole is also the author of "The Eleventh Plague, The Politics of Chemical and Biological Warfare," and "The Anthrax Letters: Bioterrorism in America."

Speaking about the need to find alternative employment for the many Soviet biological and chemical weapons scientists, he says, "The United States is helping to keep some of these people employed. But maybe we're not doing enough to keep all of them employed, and it wouldn't surprise me one bit to know that some of them have gone to work for some of our unsavory regimes in this world, perhaps Iran, Iraq and a few others."
"For whatever the reason, biological weapons and, to some extent, chemical weapons are seen as more repugnant than others," says Dr. Cole. "I think it's more important that we try to nourish that sense of repugnance. We're so much better if people think that these are out-of-bounds weapons, that they just have no place in civilized society.…The way I see it, every weapon that we can develop a cultural antipathy towards, so much the better. It just creates a model for how we might eventually minimize the use of all kinds of weapons."

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