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Voices from "Confronting Terrorism: Turning the Tide"

George Tenet

George Tenet was sworn in as Director of Central Intelligence on July 11, 1997 following a unanimous vote by both the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and the full Senate. In this position he heads the Intelligence Community (all foreign intelligence agencies of the United States) and directs the Central Intelligence Agency.

Mr. Tenet served as the Deputy Director of Central Intelligence, having been confirmed in that position in July 1995. Following the departure of John Deutch in December 1996, he served as Acting Director. Mr. Tenet previously served as Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for Intelligence Programs at the National Security Council.

"For us, the fact that we couldn't stop this attack [9/11] - notwithstanding the thousands of lives we believe we've saved for many years against terrorist acts - it's not only a point of reflection, it's a point of action for us not only to bring those people to justice, but to do everything in our power with the FBI, the military, the State Department, the Department of Treasury to put all the tools of this government in a constant, methodical, day-by-day attack against an enemy that doesn't sit out there in big formations. It's one at a time, every day."
"And terrorism is something that will be with us for generations. In its worst manifestations, the things we worry about the most, are how terrorists will acquire chemical, biological and nuclear capabilities. That's what I lose sleep at night. Conventional attacks, unconventional attacks and how they will continue to seek ways to hurt the American people - and our allies, and our Muslim allies."
"The terrorist needs to know that the cost of attempting to hurt us is too high. They have to see a security structure and an agility that makes them question their own training and operational judgments. If you're playing offense and defense simultaneously, you can affect that mind-set. You can close gaps. You can unify the government. You can give people a sense of confidence in the security they see and the measures that we're taking."

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