Bluegrass Underground Season 6 aired September-November 2016.

MCW_2907.jpgJJ Grey’s songs reflect the steaming region around Jacksonville, Florida where he was raised.Michael Weintrob

About the Show

Bluegrass Underground is a musical adventure series that shines a light on purveyors of musical authenticity in a space unlike any other on (or under) Earth. Bluegrass Underground emanates from the Volcano Room, a subterranean amphitheatre 333 feet below McMinnville, Tennessee at Cumberland Caverns. The acoustic properties of the Volcano Room are singular. In fact, the room only resonates at two frequencies meaning that experiencing live music there is akin to attending a concert inside a recording studio.

Audio engineers are amazed at the natural acoustics and world renowned lightning artist Allen Branton uses the space to paint light upon the primordial darkness found inside this cave. Music and light entwine in this series which celebrates the natural beauty and musical culture that is uniquely American. Discover the full spectrum of Americana and Roots music at Bluegrass Underground.


Take a Closer Look at Bluegrass Underground Season 6

The Artists

The Artists

Learn more about the artists from Season 6.

Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes

Get an inside look at performing and filming in Cumberland Caverns.

Major funding provided by Tennessee Department of Tourist Development,

Nissan, Acceptance Auto Insurance and City of McMinnville. 

Acceptance Auto InsuranceTennessee Department of Tourist DevelopmentCity of McMinnvilleNissan


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