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Craft In America - a journey to the artists origins and techniques of American craft
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Industry explores the business of the handmade, taking us to workshops where artists are crafting the future and making contributions to the local and national economies. Industry highlights the important connection between the consumer and the maker and explores the value of exquisitely crafted handmade objects in today's creative economy.

Quiltmaker Joe Cunningham at the frame with Gee's Bend quilters Ritamae Pettway, Lucy Mingo, and Revil Mosely. Mark Markley photograph.

In Gee's Bend, Alabama, quilting has brought economic success to women whose remarkable quilts have astonished the world. San Francisco quilter Joe Cunningham visits Lucy Mingo and Mary Ann Pettway in Gee's Bend, where quilters learned their skills from generations of women who passed down their expertise, never dreaming that what they were creating would one day be considered art. World-wide attention guarantees a stable income for these pioneers of the creative economy.

Gee's Bend quilter Revil Mosely quilts by hand. Mark Markley photograph.

At Lowell's Boat Shop in Amesbury, Massachusetts, Graham McKay makes dories in the 220-year tradition of Lowell's craftsmanship and directs a living museum that features the craft of boat building and its pivotal role in the economy and history of New England. He opens the doors of the shop to local high school students, continuing the tradition by bringing them into the building process.

Boat builder Graham McKay works with high school apprentices on a whale boat. Mark Markley photograph.

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