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Craft In America - a journey to the artists origins and techniques of American craft
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Here, in one place, is a list all of the video clips you will find on various pages of this web site. Some are clips from the episodes. Others are bonus videos of additional stories and content.

For even more footage of craft artists at work, visit the Craft in America YouTube channel, the video page at, the PBS iPhone/iPad app, online at, or purchase DVDs of the Peabody Award-winning series for your home library.

Over the course of ten hours, major influences on craft artists come to life: Memory, Landscape, Community, Origins, Process, Messages, Family, Threads, Crossroads, and Forge. How does each play a part in how craft came to be? What about them drives artists to do what they do? How do craft artists develop and adopt their techniques in today's world?

Ehren Tool
Ehren Tool goes to Vietnam


The Clay Studio
The Clay Studio


Students at Corcoran College
G.I. Bill students at Corcoran College of Art + Design


Charles Morrison
U.S. Army farrier Charles Morrison shoes a horse


Eugene Burks Jr.Eugene Burks Jr. explains "Line of Draft"


Caisson soldier's last day
A caisson soldier's last day


Jennifer Vollbrecht
U.S. Marine Corps veteran Jennifer Vollbrecht


Kelly McFarland
U.S. Navy veteran Kelly McFarland


Luana Ritch
U.S. Army veteran Luana Ritch



Quilt historian Julie Silber talks about her love of quilts.


Explore weaving in Asheville.


Journalist James Sullivan on craft and the creative economy.


Learn about Lowell's Boat Shop production line.






Veronica Castillo builds the base and arms of the Tree of Life.


Veronica Castillo makes a poinsettia.


Veronica Castillo makes an angel.


Veronica Castillo assembles the Tree of Life.


Susan Garson forms a bird menorah.


Susan Garson talking about the supplies needed to build a bird menorah.


Susan Garson paints a bird menorah.


Scandinavian baker Gitte Gentile assembles Joulutortut, Finnish Christmas Stars and talks about other Scandinavian baked goods at the John C. Campbell Folk School.


Grove Park Inn pastry chefs Robert Alger & Iain Jones build and decorate a gingerbread house based on the President's Cottage at Grove Park Inn.



Harley Refsal carves a figure.


Harley Refsal carves a figure.


Harley Refsal sharpens his woodcarving knife.


Kathleen Trenchard creates a luminaria with scissors.


David Gurney, throwing a small cup, takes inspiration from Mexican culture, his garden, and his Central Coast California home.


Jan Yager discusses communication through art.


Watch the de la Torre brothers use teamwork to make a glass sculpture at Pilchuck Glass School with instructor Amy Rueffert and her students.


Gerhardt Knodel of Cranbrook Academy speaks about the future of craft and its significance in our history.


President Jimmy Carter introduces us to the Moulthrop family of Georgia woodturners.




Pat Courtney Gold explains her basket designs which represent her heritage and her culture’s memory.


Bootmaker Lisa Sorrell creates vamps.


Tom Joyce speaks about his work and the mathematician Fibonacci.


Book artist Julie Chen discusses figuring out tricky design details.


Curator George Ciscle explains the messages in various works by Joyce J. Scott.


Patricia Crosby talks about the forming of Mississippi Cultural Crossroads.


Watch a 2 minute preview of Threads.


Beadworker Teri Greeves shows us the outfit made for her son's naming ceremony.


Meet three generations of the Moulthrop family of woodturners.



Bootmaker Lisa Sorrell talks about lasts


Matt Kelleher and Shoko Teruyama, both resident artists at Penland School of Crafts, speak about their time at the school and their work.


Watch human hands transform humble materials into works of function and beauty. 


Watch a preview of the Origins episode.


Watch a preview of the Process episode.


Watch a preview of the Messages episode.


Watch a preview of the Family episode.


Watch a preview of the Threads episode.


Watch a preview of the Crossroads episode.


Watch a preview of the Forge episode.


Watch a preview of the Holiday episode.


Watch a preview of the Industry episode.


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