e² is an ongoing PBS series about the economies of being environmentally conscious. The first season, e² design, released in summer 2006. The second season, e² energy and e² design season two, released in fall/winter 2007. The third season, e² transport and e² design season three, released in fall/winter 2008.

Below is a collection of press resources, all of which can be downloaded. All images are 300 DPI and in CMYK format.


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STILL IMAGES - e² energy

Bangladesh Bridge
Country life in rural Bangladesh, Sylhet district
Photo by Tad Fettig

Bangladesh Install
Bangladeshi women installing a solar power system for rural farmers
Photo by Tad Fettig

Wind, Behind Scenes
Interview with Marty and Patty Espenson on their farm in southwest Minnesota
Photo by Marty Jeruc

Behind Scenes
Rob Humphreys, director of photography, 120 feet up on a wind turbine in southwest Minnesota
Photo by Tad Fettig

Bogotá Depot
A new TransMilenio bus depot in Bogotá, Colombia
Photo by Tad Fettig

A wind farm in California
Photo by Tad Fettig

Carbon Sequestration
The Colstrip Power Plant in eastern Montana
Photo by Tad Fettig

STILL IMAGES - e² design season II

Director Fettig
Tad Fettig, director, shooting from the tallest building in Bogotá, Colombia
photo by Rob Humphreys

Borneo Sporenburg
Borneo Sporenburg, a high-density housing development in Amsterdam
photo by Tad Fettig

GSA Building
Lobby under construction in the new San Francisco Federal Building, designed by architect Thom Mayne
photo by Tad Fettig

Ladakh Structure
Classroom at the Drukpa White Lotus School in Ladakh, India
photo by Tad Fettig

Ladakh Students
Morning Prayers and exercises before class, Drukpa White Lotus School in Ladakh, India
photo by Tad Fettig

Bangladesh Vendor
Banana Salesman, Dharka, Bangladesh
photo by Tad Fettig

STILL IMAGES - e² design season I

Big Dig House
Steel beams from Boston's "Big Dig" are recycled to support the exterior structure for civil engineer Paul Pedini's house, designed by SingleSPEED.
Photo by Robert Humphreys.

Chicago's Millennium Park
Sloping sculptures in Chicago's Millennium Park.
Photo by Robert Humphreys.

Cranes On Beijing Skyline
A forest of cranes demonstrates that China is well on its way of building the equivalent of 21 Manhattans in the next eight years.
Photo by Robert Humphreys.

Foundation In Beijing
An example of the massive construction underway in Beijing.
Photo by Robert Humphreys.

Houses Under Construction In Austin, Texas
Houses under construction in the suburbs of Austin, Texas.
Photo by Robert Humphreys.

One Bryant Park Foundation
One Bryant Park, with a view of 4 Times Square, is a model of sustainable design and green skyscrapers in New York City.
Photo by Robert Humphreys.

Robert Fox And Tad Fettig
Robert Fox, one of the lead architects behind One Bryant Park, talking with director Tad Fettig on the roof of 4 Times Square in New York City.
Photo by Robert Humphreys.

Robert Humphreys At SingleSPEED Offices
Director of Photography Robert Humphreys shoots a scale model built by architects Jinhee Park and John Hong (both pictured), the founders of SingleSPEED.
Photo by Adam Elend.

Humphreys, Fettig And Fox At 4 Times Square
Director Tad Fettig and cinematographer Robert Humphreys prepare to interview architect Robert Fox on the roof of 4 Times Square in New York City.
Photo by Adam Elend.

Sergio Palleroni In House
Sergio Palleroni, founder of BaSIC Initiative (Building Sustainable Communities), inside one of his community partnership projects for the Yaqui Indians in Mexico.
Photo by Robert Humphreys.

Singapore Library Exterior
Ken Yeang's National Library of Singapore.
Photo by Robert Humphreys.

Singapore Library Roof
One of the fourteen outdoor gardens spread throughout the National Library of Singapore, designed by architect Ken Yeang.
Photo by Robert Humphreys.

Stuttgart Dome
Architect and engineer Werner Sobek's glass dome, a prototype of a frameless structural glass shell that pushes the boundaries of efficiency, technology, and aesthetics in its design.
Photo by Robert Humphreys.

Tad Behind Camera In New York
Director Tad Fettig behind the lens of a Panasonic Varicam, which was used to shoot e˛ design season one in HD.
Photo by Robert Humphreys.

Fettig And Humphreys In The Big Dig House
Director Tad Fettig reads over notes while Director of Photography Robert Humphreys sets up a shot in engineer Paul Pedini's "Big Dig House" outside of Boston.
Photo by Adam Elend.

Tad Fettig
Tad Fettig, director and executive producer of the e² series.
Photo by Judy Walgren.

Karena Albers
Executive producer Karena Albers talking with architect Michael McDonough.
Photo by Edward Albers

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e² design I Series Trailer
e² design II Series Trailer

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