Welcome to the educators’ site for e²: the economies of being environmentally conscious. The series is divided into three related topics: transport, energy and design.

Below you will find a Teacher’s Guide that will facilitate your use of the full episodes and excerpts from the series in your classroom. All excerpts are available in both streaming Flash video and downloadable formats. The guide provides a framework for using each episode summary with pre-viewing and post-viewing discussion questions. The suggested time frame for each episode is 1-2 classroom periods.

Extension activities are provided in the Projects Section, where students can explore each topic more deeply, conduct their own research and apply their knowledge to real-world situations, often in their own communities. While these projects usually require 2 – 3 classroom periods to facilitate and 1 – 3 weeks for students to complete, please feel free to adapt them to meet the needs of your classroom.

These materials are intended to promote the integration of media and technology into high school classrooms in the areas of environmental science, design, mathematics, engineering, government, civics, science, and language arts, and to engage students in the national dialogue about sustainability and the environment.



If you like the series and would like to explore the topics further, encourage your teachers to utilize the resources on the educators’ site. These include readings and discussion questions as well as hands-on projects.

Visit the forthcoming e² channel at http://www.teachertube.com/ to post your projects, see what other classes are doing, and start a dialogue with other students.