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Teacher’s Guide for Discussion of e² Episodes

Time Estimate: One to two 50-minute class periods

Below are some suggestions for using the episode summaries and discussion questions for each episode.


Think-Pair-Share (5 – 10 minutes)

Activate students’ prior knowledge and peak their interest. Pose a question. Ask students to think individually about each question and then share with a partner (usually the person next to them is best). The teacher then calls on a few students to share what they have discussed.


Homework Assignment (5 – 10 minutes)

Some of the pre-viewing questions require a bit of prior knowledge or research. It may be helpful to assign these for homework the night before the class watches the video. The first 5 – 10 minutes of class can be used for a group discussion and to answer any questions students may have.


Active Viewing (30 minutes)

It is recommended to show the students the post-viewing questions before they watch the video to encourage active viewing. Students should take notes based on the pre- and post-viewing questions.


Discussion (5 – 10 minutes)

Ask students to share general responses to the video and/or specific responses to the post-viewing questions. Students can share with a partner or small group and the teacher can then ask for a few responses.


Homework Assignment

Assign the post-viewing questions as homework. Depending on how many questions there are, you can assign different students different questions, all students can do all of them, or you can choose the ones that you want to focus on. The unassigned questions can be offered as extra credit. The summary can be distributed as a reference so the students can use it to answer the questions, or the teacher can give it out after the second day. Although the language is advanced in some cases, it can be used to reinforce the content of the videos and to practice extracting information from text.


Collect Questions as a Written Assignment (No additional class time)

The post-viewing questions can be collected and graded. The students can be given a few extra days to answer the questions, if needed.


Group Presentations (50 minutes)

The teacher puts students into groups of 2, 3 or 4 students and asks each group to focus on one question. Each group will create a 2-4 minute presentation that they will give during that period. The students will have about fifteen minutes to prepare their presentation and then each group will present.


Group Graffiti Draw (50 minutes)

The teacher puts students into groups of 4 (based on the number of post-viewing questions). Each question is posted around the room on a separate sheet of chart paper . Each group has a different colored marker. They walk around the room, writing comments or answers on each piece of chart paper. After they're finished, much of the discussion has already happened within each group. If desired, the teacher can point out differences between the answers and challenge students to defend their points of view.


Projects and assignments are available on the drop down menu under the heading “Projects.” They vary in length from 1 – 2 class periods to 1 – 3 weeks. All of the projects can be adapted to suit the needs of the teacher and his or her learning objectives and students. The standards listed with each episode are meant to suggest the many ways that a teacher can choose to integrate the series into his or her curriculum.