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September 24, 1932 - Indiana State Fairgrounds, Indianapolis, Indiana

The Gold and Glory Sweepstakes returned to the Fairgrounds track in 1932. It was the height of the Great Depression, and only six hundred spectators were willing to pay the relatively steep admission price of two dollars per person. With so few paying customers, the promoters could not afford to offer drivers the promised purse of $2,000. Several irate drivers began to shout and even threaten the promoters. A shoving match ensued. The small gathering of fans booed loudly.

Several drivers, including Charlie Wiggins and Bobby Wallace, attempted to restore order to the scene. More than ninety minutes after the race was scheduled to begin, the drivers and promoters came to an agreement. They would hold an abbreviated match, a twenty-mile, “winner-take-all” competition. Charlie Wiggins, who attained a remarkable 80.4 miles per hour in the preliminary heats to capture the pole position, defended his Gold and Glory title by holding off Bobby Wallace by four car lengths. Charlie’s winning time was 17:05, or about 70.2 miles per hour.

Entrant City Car (Type)
Hudson Andrews Akron, OH Schofield Special
Roy Artist Indianapolis, IN Artist Special
Roger Bailey Indianapolis, IN Fronty Ford
Hugo Barnes Chicago, IL Strumil Special
William Blackman Chicago, IL All Parts Special
D.A. Brooks Terre Haute, IN Fronty Ford
William Buckner Indianapolis, IN Fronty Ford
S.A. Buford Coal City, IL unknown
Paul Butler Chicago, IL Fronty Ford
Bill Carson Chicago, IL Strumil Special
Gill Cunningham Chicago, IL Cunningham Special
Lawrence Dawson Indianapolis, IN Fronty Ford
Grant DeHaven Los Angeles, CA unknown
J.C. Douglass Columbus, OH Rajo Special
Andrew Ford Indianapolis, IN Chevrolet
Hollis Ford Indianapolis, IN Chevrolet
Malcolm Hannon New York City, NY Graham Special
“Wild Bill” Jeffries Chicago, IL Strumil Special
Johnnie Jordan Fort Wayne, IN Fronty Ford
Thomas Norman Indianapolis, IN Norman Special
Bernard Reed Richmond, IN unknown
Henry Rogers Indianapolis, IN Duesenberg
Gene Smith Chicago, IL Strumil Special
Bobby Wallace Indianapolis, IN Fronty Ford
William Walthall Chicago, IL Walthall Special
Charlie Wiggins Indianapolis, IN Wiggins Special
Lawrence Wiggins Indianapolis, IN Fronty Ford

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