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July 4, 1935 - Indiana State Fairgrounds, Indianapolis, Indiana

The Gold and Glory Sweepstakes was not held in 1934. In 1935, a promotional team from Dayton, Ohio, took over its organization. They trumpeted aerial stunt shows, fireworks, and an all-day band concert surrounding the race, which again was to be held on July 4. The race was never held, however. According to many reports, the promoters slipped out of town during the air show, taking with them thousands of dollars in gate receipts. There was no purse for the drivers. Most of the competitors refused to go ahead with the race, choosing not to risk their lives without the opportunity to win prize money.

Some eyewitness accounts noted that members of the crowd “passed the hat” to collect a small purse to offer the winner, if the drivers chose to race. Some witnesses remembered an abbreviated racing event being run that day. There is no record of a race being held, or any documentation of a winner. A list of the race entrants is below.

Entrant City Car (Type)
Roy Artist Indianapolis, IN Chevrolet
Don Bailey unknown Triumph 4
Bill Blackman Chicago, IL Blackman Special
S.A. Buford Coal City, IL Ford Special
Homer Cloud Cleveland, OH Riely Special
William Cutshaw unknown Schofield Special
Paul Davis Chicago, IL Devil Special
Hollis Ford Indianapolis, IN Frontenac Special
Wilbur Gaines Chicago, IL Riely Special
Curt Gilbreath Chicago, IL Boyle Valve Special
Sam Jones Indianapolis, IN Graham Special
Charles Meredith Tulsa, OK Tulsa Special
“Squeaky” Mills Indianapolis, IN M&M Special
Andy Pryor Indianapolis, IN Hal Special
Paul Richmond Indianapolis, IN Rajo Special
Charles “Dynamite” Stewart Indianapolis, IN Miller Schofield
John Tanner Indianapolis, IN Green Streak
Bill Valentine unknown Roof Special
Bobby Wallace Indianapolis, IN Fronty Ford
William Walthall Chicago, IL Ansted Special
Louis Weaver Indianapolis, IN Washington Special
Charlie Wiggins Indianapolis, IN Wiggins Special
Lawrence Wiggins Indianapolis, IN Fronty Ford

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