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Courting Hispanics at the DNC

BY Natasha del ToroAugust 29, 2008


Natasha del Toro is an independent filmmaker and reporter based in Tampa, Florida.

FRONTLINE/World reporter Natasha del Toro follows Mexican newspaper journalist Leo Zuckemann, also the host of the weekly Mexican television show Imagen Electoral, as he examines the pivotal role Hispanic Democrats will play in November. Hispanics voted predominantly for Hillary Clinton in the primaries.

When Zuckermann talks to delegates at Michelle Obama's speech to the Hispanic Caucus during this week's convention, he finds support for Barack Obama among Hispanics is still lukewarm.

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Tampa, Florida
Great piece. Very insightful. We need more like that.

Jennifer Smith - Tampa, FL
Great story. Was not aware of this, and hope Obama can do what it takes to energize and gain the trust and support of the Hispanic voters.