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Watching the Watchers

Covering the foreign press at the DNC

BY Natasha del ToroAugust 26, 2008


Natasha del Toro is an independent filmmaker and reporter based in Tampa, Florida. She is a regular correspondent for FRONTLINE/World.

FRONTLINE/World reporter Natasha del Toro and coordinating producer David Ritsher are covering the Democratic National Convention in Denver this week. They will be "watching the watchers," following members of the estimated 2,000 foreign press corps from more than 130 countries to get their take on the upcoming election and how America's decision will affect them back home. From Nigeria to Mexico and France, there is a common thread that this is an historic presidential race.

The team will be checking in throughout the week with updates and follow-up observations from the reporters they meet.

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Washington DC, Nigeria
Great stuff Natasha. It's amazing that someone cares about the foreign press this time. I am sure your incisive coverage of the convention will give American viewers an idea of what the world thinks about the history making event. Keep up the good work!

Natasha Rankow - London, UK
It would be most welcome to hear honest commentary from U.S. journalists covering the election as well.
good insight.

Clyda Pasquantonio - Surf City, NC
Great footage of "behind the scenes" of the foreign press, and how it all really works at the DNC. Great reporting- looking forward to more of the world view on this election. . . it is all about unity!

Christopher Francis - Tampa, FL
Senator Obama's reputation in the international community is of vital importance and the people of America need exposure to their unbiased opinions.

Cynthia Ritsher - Lincoln, MA
Thanks to Frontline World's coverage at the Democratic Convention, I can say that for once I'm glad the world is watching the U.S. in action. Keep up the good work and continue with your thoughtful reporting.

Christian Leon - Tampa, FL
It's great to glimpse behind the scenes of this event. At this point in the elections, as Americans we sometimes forget the impact our decision has on the rest of the world, and it's very impacting to get insight from what the world is thinking.

Nancy Kipnis - Tampa, FL
Natasha's coverage of the Democratic Convention was great. Covering foreign journalists, their thoughts, and personal reactions, was a great angle. Even the comment (France) about cheese steaks and our typical junk food. The global perspective was fresh, as well as insightful. A confirmation that this is a historical election for the United States, and the world is watching.

Alain Maximilien - Miami, Florida
I think the enthusiasm and curiosity of some of the foreign press about the American election process is refreshing. Most American journalists and pundits make you feel like taking a shower if you watch or listen to them for too long.

John Cuin - San Juan, Puerto Rico
What an intriguing perspective! There is so much repair to do, to improve the image of the United States in the international arena. I am proud that your reporter decided to get a fresh and honest look at what are the top interests of the foreign press and our neighboring countries.

Feldman Shari - Los Angeles, CA
I really enjoy this kind of behind-the-scenes coverage of such an historically important event. Very interesting and intimate peek at the international interest in this election.