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What Foreigners Want from Obama

International advisors in Denver keen to hear Obama's foreign policy plans

BY Alex GallafentAugust 28, 2008


Alex Gallafent is a BBC journalist and reporter for PRI's news program The World. He is based in the The World's newsroom in Boston. This week, he has been reporting daily from the Democratic National Convention in Denver.

The World's Alex Gallafent reports on what the many foreign observers at the Democratic National Convention want to hear from Barack Obama tonight.

In a second report from today's convention, Alex Gallafent talks with Russian journalist Andrei Sitov about U.S.-Russia relations in the next administration. Sitov is the Washington D.C. bureau chief of the state-run news agency ITAR-TASS. He's been covering American politics since the Cold War.

Andre Sitov

Andrei Sitov in the foreign press center at the Democratic National Convention in Denver