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What Would McCain's Foreign Policy Look Like?

Experts give their views at the GOP convention

BY Matthew BellSeptember 4, 2008


Matthew Bell is a reporter for PRI's The World. He covered the 2004 U.S. presidential campaign and has also filed reports from Belfast, Seoul, Shanghai and Jerusalem.

The World's reporter Matthew Bell canvasses a number of views on what Sen. John McCain's foreign policy would be like if he were elected president. McCain has been getting a lot of praise at the GOP Convention this week for being tough on national security and fighting terrorism abroad.

Listen to Bell's Radio Report.

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Mike Peavy - Green Bay, WI
I don't think McCain has any foreign policy different from Bush. It is a copy of Bush's last 8 years of foreign policy. McCain claims to be a know it all guy, but he lacks the diplomatic character that one needs after Bush's mess in US foreign policy.