Chile: The New Nazis

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Chile: Karina’s Story
Narrated by its main character, Karina Parra, this cinema verité journey through a day in the life of a transgender person in Chile shows just how much discrimination and prejudice exist there today.

Additional Resources

Simon Wiesenthal Center’s Latin American Office
Expanding on the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s mission to monitor and eradicate anti-Semitism worldwide, the branch in Buenos Aires, Argentina, works with government officials to extradite Nazi war criminals and combat the spread of neo-Nazism throughout Latin America. 

The Christian Science Monitor: “Race-hate groups find virtual haven in Argentina”
Colin Barraclough reports for The Christian Science Monitor about the increase of neo-Nazi Web sites hosted in Argentina. Sheltered by Internet free-speech laws and fueled by inexpensive high-speed Internet, these ultranationalist neo-Nazi groups have flourished here online. 

Argentine authorities, though, seem unworried, due to the country’s strong immigrant demographic. "Our intelligence reports do not indicate that the extreme right is very active," says Eduardo Amadeo, President Eduardo Duhalde's spokesman. "They keep talking about racial issues, and anti-Semitism has never been a vote-winner in Argentina."

The Washington Post: “A Chilean Dictator’s Dark Legacy”
The Washington Post’s December 2006 obituary of General Augusto Pinochet chronicles the Chilean dictator’s 17-year rule, during which 3,197 people were killed and 29,000 were tortured. The article includes a timeline of important dates in Pinochet’s career and a slideshow of historical images.

The Stephen Roth Institute for Anti-Semitism and Racism at Tel Aviv University
According to this report by The Stephen Roth Institute for Anti-Semitism and Racism at Tel Aviv University, anti-Semitic activity has increased threefold in Chile, from 56 incidents in 2005 to 153 in 2006. The report cites the growing Islamic community, which protested the Second Lebanon War; the ultra-right-wing Patria Nueva Sociedad organization, whose ideology has Nazi leanings; and the country's pro-Arab left wing. 


B'nai B'rith Chile
This Jewish cultural and advocacy organization in Santiago tracks neo-Nazi activity across the country, and sponsored a traveling museum on the Holocaust for Chilean schoolchildren in 2007. See also: the interactive Web version of the Holocaust museum (in Spanish).