Chile once harbored Nazi fugitives and has a history 
of racial discrimination, but its predominantly mixed-
race population makes it an unexpected home for a 
neo-Nazi movement. FRONTLINE/World reporter 
Lygia Navarro examines why some brown-skinned, 
working class kids have bought into Hitlerís ideology.

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The FRONTLINE/World Fellowship program is designed to nurture new voices in international reporting and widen the spectrum of stories available to the public, using this award-winning PBS Web site as a publishing platform for a new generation of journalists. The program was launched as a collaboration between FRONTLINE/World and the U.C. Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism and, since its inception in 2003, has produced 28 stories for the website.

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Holly M.
Oakland, CA

Ms. Wollan, thank you for this wonderfully reported and very informative piece.

Florida Keys
Malia, this is a thoughtful & powerful perspective. Having just spent 3 weeks in China, and having watched a full-week segment from CNN International on the rising prices of food around the world, your piece provides outstanding insight. Thanks for such thoughtful and thorough work.

Rebecca Procter
Santa Fe, NM

As we see so clearly here, it takes only a single brief misguided statement by the U.S. president to send money-seekers hurtling toward any potential profit scheme, even in the name of "green" fuel, with no regard for living human beings.

toronto, on

Every effort to control world populations has failed. Biofuel may just do it.

Janelle Jakubowski
Itasca, Il

Thank-you for this perspective on another aspect to the "energy-crisis". Our lust for cheap and a constant supply of gas for our vehicles has an ever widening impact on everything.

Being American i think of the U.S. putting greed first, but other countries are as involved. Corn is crucial to so many things (as animal feed, as a sweetner,as a fertilizer nothing will be untouched as the price/demand rises and the shortages especially to the poor around the world is felt.

Redway, Ca.
In succinct manner, this story showed all sides, from leaders in the U.S. and Mexico to a street vendor selling steamed corn on a corner of a Mexican city. Affecting, informative, and powerful. Thank you.

Ia Hernandez
Oakland, CA

Thank you Ms. Wollen for enlightening the eco-progressive in me and my family. We will think twice before deciding how to proceed in our efforts to support green energy. RIDE YOUR BIKES EVERYBODY!

San Francisco, CA

What a timely set of slide shows on an important topic. Thank you.

Anya Spear
Santa Cruz, CA

Thank you for humanizing the effects of a misguided biofuel policy.

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