Part 5: A Dangerous Job Nigeria's former anti-corruption csar Nuhu Ribadu is a hero to many Nigerians. Forced out of office and eventually the country, Ribadu talks with Lowell Bergman about how corruption has turned Nigeria into a pariah state. (more »)

Interactive Timeline: Corruption in the Crosshairs: A brief history of international anti-bribery legislation

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The International Fight Against Bribery; An interactive map examining the world's biggest corruption cases

Cameroon: Pipeline to Prosperity?
In 2000 the World Bank approved millions in financing for a massive oil drilling and pipeline project between Chad and Cameroon, two countries plagued by poverty and corruption. Ten years on, what has become of the "model" oil for development project? READ MORE »
BAE: How Good a Plea Deal Was It?BAE: How Good a Plea Deal Was It?
February 9, 2010
Europe's top anti-bribery official talks about the "strange" outcome of BAE's landmark settlement and what it says about British and U.S. justice. READ MORE »
BAE Will Pay $450 Million to Settle Long-Running Bribery CaseBAE Will Pay $450 Million to Settle Long-Running Bribery Case
February 5, 2010
In a corruption case that has spanned multiple countries and more than two decades, BAE Systems, Britain's largest defense contractor, has agreed to pay $450 million to settle charges in the U.S. and Britain.READ MORE »
Nuhu Ribadu: Nigeria's Relentless Corruption HunterNuhu Ribadu: Nigeria's Relentless Corruption Hunter
January 28, 2010
Between 2003 and 2007, Nuhu Ribadu was Nigeria's top anti-corruption prosecutor. Taking on the country's ruling elite made him a national hero and powerful enemies. Sam Kennedy looks at the rise and unraveling of his crusade for Nigerian justice. READ MORE »
Chasing the Ghosts of a Corrupt RegimeChasing the Ghosts of a Corrupt Regime
January 8, 2010
Diplomat, businessman, and donor and friend to the Clintons, Gilbert Chagoury is also considered "a kingpin" in one of the most corrupt regimes in Nigeria's history. Robin Urevich meets the controversial figure and profiles his checkered past. READ MORE »

"When some of them [journalists], do these investigations in foreign countries, they run into that nexus of established power -- big money and political power -- and they get crushed." READ MORE »
Lowell Bergman

"The likes of Nuhu Ribadu gave hope. He did more in 3 years than has been done in the 43 years before he became Nigeria's anti-corruption czar. In the end, a tree cannot make a forest." READ MORE »
Alexandria, Virginia