U.S. Targets Overseas Bribery

KBR Exec's Plea Widens Probe

February 10, 2009
The International Fight Against Bribery; An interactive map examining the world's biggest corruption cases

Interactive Timeline: Corruption in the Crosshairs: A brief history of international anti-bribery legislation

In the world of Big Oil, Albert "Jack" Stanley was legendary for winning billion-dollar contracts in third world countries, the Halliburton executive who knew all the secrets of deals in places like Malaysia, Egypt and Yemen.

Houston, Texas

Albert "Jack" Stanley

In the wake of his admission in a guilty plea (PDF) last September that he resorted to bribes, kickbacks and high-level corruption to secure deals in Nigeria, however, Stanley now lies at the center of a widening scandal in the oil industry that has implications for corporations and governments across the globe.

Stanley's case is the first in what federal officials believe will be a string of indictments in coming months against U.S. corporate executives who have participated in bribing foreign officials in recent years.

For the full story, produced in partnership with FRONTLINE, visit ProPublica online. The story first appeared on MSN Money.

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