Spotlight: Siemens -- Getting Caught

What has changed in light of German giant's record bribery case.

March 17, 2009
Spotlight: Siemens -- Getting Caught
In late 2008, Siemens AG admitted to paying at least $805 million in bribes to do business worldwide. Prosecutors and former employees talk about the impact of the landmark case, and say the last chapter is far from written.
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Gail Graf - Warwick, New York, USA
Numb! I had been so involved with electing Obama that I did not read about the Siemens case. From what I read, the US is NOT involved in these bribes? Did I miss something? Relieved to know PBS is making this known. It takes my breath away if I let it. which I won't!

Jeff - New York, New York
If so many innocent and hard working people were not affected I would say let Siemens burn. It is unfortunate but for the few greedy bastards at the top.(hmm, sound familiar?)I guess they'll just pay their fine and conduct business as usual.

Somewhere, Canada
My assumption with regards to this report is that Siemens is the big loser in all of this for they are the ones who got caught. Working in an industry that Siemens also covers, and taking the time to connect the dots, you notice in the business of providing a product you wish to sell on a large scale of dollar value that most if not all of the players play the game. That's just how it works. Lots of business for the companies are attributed without any kind of tender or even proposals from other vendors.
Look at the contracts and types of vendors (and their political strongholds who are often ex-colonial powers ) who have primary influence in lots of countries and you realize the scope and magnitude of this aspect of doing business. In lots of cases the vendor winds up losing money, but somehow they still manage to thrive.

babalola sulaimon - lagos, Nigeria
It is heart rendering to note again that Nigeria features in two of the high profile cases on global corruption.The effect of this on the teeming mass of it underpriveledged majority can best be left to our imagination. Corruption to my mind is the root cause of every ill that holds back the human kind from real progress and development even with all the technological / scientific strides that has been achieved. Perhaps someday when these horrendous levels of corruption is controlled the earths majority may indeed breath some respite.


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