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CHINA: Out of the Rubble
Washington Post video journalist Travis Fox talks about covering China's earthquake and the difficulties of filming under the government's watchful eye.

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Mexico City
This is an interesting story -- not because we didn't know the facts of the earthquake, but because it really gave us a sense of how the government of China applies "hard love" to the survivors. Rightly so, the survivors of this disaster are angry: for years, they followed the dictates of the state (one child policy, etc.), but obviously did not benefit from good workmanship for the many buildings that housed them.

Thank you to the producers of iWitness, and to Travis Fox, for showing us candid scenes of interactions between those who are grieving, and angry, and the authoritarian system that didn't do enough to rule in the corruption that led to shoddy workmanship on the buildings that collapsed. Once again, as it always seems to be in the world, the poor and lower middle classes are the ones who suffered the greatest casualties.

Keep up the great work. I will keep watching, and tell my friends to do the same.