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Shot in the beautiful rural areas of Niassa and the ABC Cinema in Lichinga, the capital of Niassa Province, the song captures the spirit, enthusiasm and pride with which Massukos celebrate their home province. The gig at the ABC was part of their national “Wash your hands for good health campaign,” a life-saving message given through the power of music. The video was directed and edited by Phil Turner and produced by Poo Productions.

Massukos Background
Massukos' music preserves the traditional rhythms of Niassa province that were all but extinct after 17 years of civil war. Their first live public performance in 1994 coincided with the start of the peace process. Many of Mozambique's musicians and artists fled the country during the war, and the band set out to save and spread the country’s long-established musical heritage. They sing in the three common traditional languages – Yao, Nyanga and Makua. As the group's reputation grew, they built an international audience, making their first trip abroad in 1998 to perform at the EXPO 98 in Lisbon, Portugal. Then their first CD, Kuimba kwa Massuko (recorded in 2001), sold well domestically, cementing their place in the musical landscape. Voted best album in 2002, Kuimba kwa Massuko won a gold disc in 2003. Later that year, Massukos was voted best group in Mozambique before going on to win the International Prize for Water at the Cannes Water Symposium. In 2004, they appeared at the Third World Water Forum in Japan, and in the same year, they toured with the UK band Empty Boat as part of an awareness-raising event organized by Poo Productions in association with WaterAid UK. In July 2007, Massukos released their second album Bumping and returned to the UK. The highlight of their visit was a gig at the world-famous music festival WOMAD, which was recorded by Andy Kershaw for BBC Radio 3. (Taken from www.massukos.com).