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Taxi, Book CoverGolden Gate [X]press: Building International Mobility
Produced by reporter Katie Cox and photographer Michael Mullady for San Francisco State University publication Golden Gate [X]press Online, this audio slideshow goes inside the workshop of Whirlwind Wheelchairs and explains the mission of the organization, both domestically and internationally.

Whirlwind Wheelchair
The official website for Ralf Hotchkiss' organization Whirlwind Wheelchairs International features news about their work, technical specs for the wheelchairs, and videos of the wheelchairs in action. To donate a RoughRider or to the Whirlwind effort in general, please visit their donation page.

San Francisco State University Disability Programs
SF State is one of the leading colleges in the U.S. for people with disabilities. They try to make all aspects of the school (campus, living, working, classes) accessible. A lot of Ralf's students in his wheelchair engineering class are people with disabilities who come to SF State specifically because the campus is so wheelchair friendly.

Center for International Rehabilitation (CIR) 
Founded in 1996 as Physicians Against Land Mines (PALM) by Dr. William Kennedy, CIR’s mission is to assist people with disabilities worldwide in achieving their full potential. They worked with Ralf Hotchkiss and Whirlwind Wheelchairs a few years on a project to bring affordable and dependable wheelchairs to Afghanistan, documented in a video called “Wheelchairs for Afghanistan."

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Vietnam: Forgive and Forget?
FRONTLINE/World correspondent Nguyen Qui Duc looks at how Vietnamese view the country’s relationship with America in the context of the 2008 presidential election – even tracking down the man says he pulled John McCain from the lake when his plane went down there in 1967.

Vietnam: Looking for Home
More than 30 years ago, the war in Vietnam shattered Nguyen Qui Duc's childhood. In 2003, Nguyen journeyed to Vietnam for FRONTLINE/World, looking, he says, "for home, for a bit of myself, for a country that always exists in my memory."