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Just One Night Script
Prologue Scene 5 - A Whole New World
Scene 1 - Who's Tom Boyle Scene 6 - For Better or Worse
Scene 2 - Accidents Will Happen Scene 7 - The End?
Scene 3 - Family Matters Epilogue
Scene 4- The Letter of the Law

Scene 1 - Who's Tom Boyle?
EXT. CONCORD HIGH SCHOOL. Tom is being escorted through the high school doors to a police cruiser that is waiting to take him back to the prison. Trooper Rod Forey is accompanying him. As the two exit the high school, Tom begins: 

 My name's Tom Boyle and I'm a convicted felon - serving 4-8 years in the NH  State Prison.  Sometimes, they let me out for a few hours so I can tell my story,  mostly to high school kids, but sometimes adults.  I talk about who I am, how I  grew up, and most important, how the choices I made led me to where I am. 

The two arrive at the cruiser. Forey opens rear passenger door and assists Tom as he ducks down out of sight as he gets in.  Cut to ... 

TITLE GRAPHIC SEQUENCE. Run graphic, then dissolve back to ... 

INT. BACK SEAT OF POLICE CRUISER. Tom is facing camera. Whenever he looks away towards window it is assumed that we will cover that section with B-Roll until his gaze returns to the camera. 

I grew up in Pembroke, New Hampshire. [He turns to look out passenger side  window.] Middle class family, mom and dad married, 3 brothers and sisters, not  a wealthy family, we didn't have a lot of toys or bikes but we had what we  needed.  [He turns back to camera.] And a pretty happy upbringing.  We did  okay. Went to bishop Brady high school and Brady was a good place for me.  [Turns back to look out window.] I was one of those guys - I like to say I'm a B  student in life that works hard, makes good choices, and generally gets A's or A  minuses. [He turns back to the camera.] I graduated from Bishop Brady 10th in  my class.  [Gesturing with his hands.] I like to say - there's 9 real smart people  and then me.  That's the way it was. 

Dissolve to UNH B-Roll with voiceover ...... 

After high school, I decided to go to the University of New Hampshire. College  was a great place for me, all sorts of new ideas and different people from all over  the country and the world and it opened my mind to possibilities that I didn't see  growing up in small-town Pembroke.  And I did all right in college. I studied hard.    I'm one of those guys who started classes at 8:30 in the morning which is  unheard of at college.  All of my friends were rolling out of bed at 12 o'clock, one,  and I was done my classes for the day.  See, I was making the right choices.

EXT. OUTSIDE PRISON GATE. Cruiser drives into frame. The gates open and they drive through. Cut to ... 

EXT. INSIDE PRISON GATE. Forey exits cruiser and escorts Tom from the car to the reception area entrance. 

Cut to ... 

EXT. PRISON YARD.    Camera walks backwards in front of Tom. 

Now I wasn't one of those preppy guys.  I had the long hair, the beard, ripped  jeans, moccasins, backpack, a guitar.  I had my fun, but I did well at UNH.  I  graduated with a couple of degrees.  Economics and  business.  I made good  choices, stayed out of trouble, and graduated with high marks.  After graduation,  I showed up on my dad's doorstep and said ‘hey Dad, how are you doing?'  And  he said ‘I'm doing fine, how are you doing?'  And I said ‘I'm trying to find myself,'  and Dad, the ex-Marine, kind of looked at me and said ‘Get a job.  That's a start.'   So I did.  I cut my hair and shaved my beard and got some gray slacks and a  blue blazer and I was ready to go. I ended up taking a job working for the state  legislature.   So I started wearing suits and ties and thought that was pretty cool. 

EXT. PRISON YARD.  Tom turns and says.... 

A couple of years later, I joined my father and brother in a business they had  just started up. And we shipped our product out of the garage and my bedroom  was the office and the dining room was something in between. And the business  grew. [Tom starts walking over to chair and sits.] It grew into something that was  successful.  We made some money, and we hired people and those people had  a good quality of life because we made good choices.  And I became successful.
[Tom goes out of frame]

Dissolve to B-Roll of BMW with voiceover ... 

EXT. RAZOR-WIRE FENCE. Tom sits in a patch of grass. 

I made more money than I ever thought I would make. Driving a BMW, house in  the country on 15 acres in Vermont, wearing Armani suits, traveling in the  Caribbean on my vacations.  And along the way, I married my college sweetheart  and we had two beautiful children.  And we lived in the country and life was very,  very good. 

B-roll ends - camera returns to Tom.

 But all that changed  just a few years ago.  I remember the night.  February 17th.   It all changed, and it changed abruptly, all in Just One Night.  And not for the  better.   All those good choices, all that effort, all that responsibility, gone.  Like  that.  I'd like to tell you about this night, in hopes that maybe you could see this  from where I am.  So maybe you could understand how this could just happen. 

Fade to black and then up on ...
Scene 2 -  Accidents Will Happen