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Just One Night Script
Prologue Scene 5 - A Whole New World
Scene 1 - Who's Tom Boyle Scene 6 - For Better or Worse
Scene 2 - Accidents Will Happen Scene 7 - The End?
Scene 3 - Family Matters Epilogue
Scene 4- The Letter of the Law

Scene 3 - Family Matters

EXT. PRISON YARD RAMP. Tom is walking up one side of the ramp. The camera is moving parallel to him at the other side of the ramp as if walking beside him. Tom speaks naturally turning to the camera only occasionally. 

What do you do when something like this happens in your life?  Who do you  call?  Your mom, right?  Well, my mom and dad were in Europe, at the   Olympics.  God only knows what time in the morning it was in Europe, but it was  early. And I hear this voice and it's my dad's and it's groggy and panicky. [ Tom  pretends to be talking on the phone.]  ‘Hello?'  ‘Hey Dad, it's Tommy'  ‘Jesus  Tommy, is everything all right?  Are you OK?'  ‘No Dad, I killed a man last  night.' [He pretends to hang up the phone.] The 34 year old hotshot son, the  overachieving student, needs some help. So they leave at some ungodly hour  and get on a plane to fly back to New Hampshire to save their son.
 So I go to make another phone call - to my wife.  I call her and I hear her voice  and it's groggy and it's concerned. [Again, Tom pretends to  be using a phone.]  ‘Hey Jo, it's Tommy.'  ‘Jesus Tommy, is everything all right?'  ‘No Jo.  I killed a  man last night.'  ‘I need help.'  So she bundles up the babies, it's the middle of  February, packs them in the car for a two hour ride, to save her big shot   husband. 

Cut to ... 

EXT. OPEN AREA AT LANDING ON RAMP. By this time Tom has reached the landing. He is visibly distressed. Camera is framed on a loose head & shoulders shot... 

The next period in my life is very dark, and very sad.  And I don't know if any of  you has ever been depressed, or have known anyone who has been   depressed.  I never had, because what's to be depressed about?  Making some  money.  House in the country, trips to Paris and the Caribbean, healthy kids, life's  great, right?  But I was depressed.  And in a dark place. And I didn't really eat  and didn't sleep.  I basically laid around on a bed for I don't know how long -  days - months.  And I was worthless to anyone. Worthless to myself, my   children, my wife of ten years, those people at work who depended on me.   Worthless.  [Tom looks down at his feet.] 

Fade to black and then up on ...Scene 4- The Letter of the Law