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Just One Night Script
Prologue Scene 5 - A Whole New World
Scene 1 - Who's Tom Boyle Scene 6 - For Better or Worse
Scene 2 - Accidents Will Happen Scene 7 - The End?
Scene 3 - Family Matters Epilogue
Scene 4- The Letter of the Law

Scene 2 - Accidents Will Happen

INT. PRISON CAFETERIA CHOW LINE. Tom is waiting to get a cup of coffee. 

It was a pretty typical day for me. Put on the Armani suit and the Gucci shoes  and the Cartier watch and hopped in the BMW and off I went down the road with  my cup of coffee. [Picks up cup from rack and shows it to the camera.] I had  a meeting with my corporate attorneys.  Kind of an important day for me. 

Tom walks out of frame. Cut to ... 

INT. PRISON CAFETERIA COFFEE DISPENSER. Start tight on coffee spigot as cup is filled with coffee. Widen out to Tom as he removes the cup from the dispenser. He turns to camera ... 

We were talking about a $2 million piece of business that I had got us involved  in, and quite frankly, if I was successful in this, there may have been another  $30 million behind it.  And that's big for us [takes a sip of coffee] - big. 

Tom walks off frame. Cut to ... 

INT. PRISON CAFETERIA TABLE. Tom is sitting with his coffee. The camera is sitting across the table from him. We will dissolve to and from B-Roll throughout. 

If this deal went through, it would mean financial security for my family, and for  the employees who depended on me to help them provide for their families.  So I  spent 5 hours with my attorneys - which is forever with attorneys - and then it  was back to business.  One of my reps had a trade show  - so I went there next.   And I didn't have breakfast and I didn't have lunch, because you know, when  you're a big shot like me, you don't have time for things like that. So the trade  show ends.  Afterwards they have this cocktail hour, and it's cocktails and food  and - this isn't a party - this is just a drink after the trade show [gestures with  coffee cup as if it were a drink],  I've done it a hundred times.  In my world,  that's just something that people do.  I had a drink.  A drink.  Not a party, not  looking to catch a buzz, not looking to get drunk.  Just a drink after work. 

I had an appointment the next morning, in Boston, pretty early, and it was  getting to be 8 o'clock at night. And the last thing I felt like doing after my day  was driving down to Boston.  I decided to stay in Concord and try to catch up  with some high school friends. So we met at a local bar, and I had a beer and a  half and a cup of coffee and the only reason I know that is that the police report  tells me so. 

Cut to extreme tight shot at table level in front of Tom. Coffee cup enters frame from top and hits table jarringly. Cut to MCU of Tom ... 

We weren't out getting drunk. There was no party. No hustle going on.  It was a  beer with a couple of high school friends. 

So we decided to go over to their place  - husband,  wife and kids - hung out  for a while and had a couple more beers.   No  big deal, just a couple of beers  with some high school friends. 

He pushes back chair and stands as he prepares to leave. 

Anyway, it got to be 11 o'clock which is late so I said goodnight and got in the  car to go to my hotel.  [Starts to walk away, but then he turns and faces camera.]  You know something? I hate hotels. I've just spent too many nights on the road.   So I decide  -  great choice here - to stop and have one more drink. And that's  what I did - I stopped to have a drink at a bar, by myself.  There was no hustle,  no dancing, none of that - just a beer. 

Dissolve to Bar Re-Enactment with voiceover ... 

So I finished my drink, got up, walked down the bar and went to the cash   register. I pulled out my gold card and gave it to the bartender. There were these  3 guys at the bar, sitting next to me. You know, regular guys from Concord.   They had just gotten off a late night work shift, and they were having a beer after  work. And they were nice guys, I'm a nice guy, we start talking.  I bought them a  round, they bought me a round, I bought them a round - I don't remember  exactly how that went but - they were telling jokes - innocent, clean jokes - kind  of ha, ha, light-hearted kind of conversation.  It was just a nice way to end a long  day.  [We hear another man's voice saying " Hey buddy, can you do me a  favor?"] 

Cut to ... 

INT. PRISON CAFETERIA EXIT. Tom is standing near the door as he is about to leave the room. 

That's the last thing I remember.  And that's the truth. 

He opens the door to the outside and leaves which overexposes the shot. Flash to white and then to ... 

INT. CORRIDOR LEADING TO R&D CELL. Will cover Tom's V/O with Re-Enactment from hospital occasionally cutting back to Tom in the R&D Cell Corridor. 

Next thing I know, I'm lying on the gurney at Concord Hospital.  Looking up,  all lights and white walls  - and this trooper - Rod Forey - is looking down at me.    I ask ‘where am I.'  Well, Trooper Forey explained the situation to me.

Mr. Boyle, you crashed your car into a Concord city snowplow at speeds in  excess of 100 miles per hour. 

Cut to quick audio/video montage of prison doors slamming and echoing then to ... 

TOM [In R&D Cell Corridor]
No way, right?  I don't even have a speeding ticket on my record.  Never had an  accident in my life.

Mr. Boyle,  I said you crashed your car into a Concord city snowplow at 100  miles per hour and you killed your passenger.  I need to know who he was.

My response? 

Cut to Tom on camera in R&D Cell Corridor. He's looking down at his feet. Slight pause then looks up at camera ... 

I didn't even know anyone was in the car. So a guy I just met asks me for a ride,  and I end up killing him.  And I didn't even know his name.   (pause) Wow, this  is a bad time coming, you know? 

At this point a prison officer walks into frame, gestures  towards the R&D Cell. Tom keeps trying to turn back to the camera as he continues ... 

So anyway, the process begins. Trooper Forey arrests me and off we go. I get  brought to this bail hearing and I'm taken into this cell. 

The officer places Tom into the cell and closes the door. Camera walks up to cell and shoots through the bars to Tom as he walks around cell as if remembering and describes ... 

And I'm sitting with a bandage on my head, broken hand, and a suit all sliced up  - and I'm soaked in blood.  I'd like to tell you it was my blood but the truth is it  wasn't.  Anyway, it's kind of a small space and there's these 3 young guys in  there with me.  They're 16-17 years old.  And they're talking amongst themselves  and I'm listening - they're in for possession of heroin.  And I thought, boy are  they screwed.
 One of them gets called away to go and see the judge, but he's back in a   heartbeat.  He couldn't have been gone for more than a minute. [Tom pauses  slightly as he moves right up to the camera.] You see, the court had bigger fish  to fry that day. [Tom resumes his pacing around the cell.] So he comes back in  and he says' did you hear, did you hear?  There's a guy in here who crashed his  car into a snowplow at 100 miles an hour and killed his passenger.  Boy, is he  screwed!'  [Tom walks back towards camera.] I knew then I was in serious  trouble.  I mean I've got this teenager charged with heroin possession worried  about me.  Anyway, I go up to see the judge and Trooper Forey speaks.   Fortunately for me, I wasn't going to be kept in jail.  The judge figures, I'm not  going to run.   I've got a wife and children and a successful business.  So he sets  the bail at $25,000.   I could have put it on my gold card.  So I pay up and I'm  allowed to go. 

Officer opens cell door and Tom walks out. Fade to black and then up on ....Scene 3 - Family Matters