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Will Durst's Revised "13 Steps to Mediocrity"

Here's a slightly different twist to "13 Steps," as outlined by Livelyhood host Will Durst, who once said, "What worked for me will work for you. Heh heh heh."

Printed courtesy of Worst of Durst

  1. Let kids create own curriculum from old test papers.
  2. Focus on skills for jobs involving paper hats.
  3. Stick with technology you got. (Hey, it was good enough for their parents)
  4. Two words: Barney & Wishbone.
  5. Wait until very last minute for funding. (That's when you get the best deals)
  6. Make recesses long enough to get in a quick nap. (a rested staff is an alert staff)
  7. Motivate the really dumb ones through ridicule.
  8. Hockey, hockey and more hockey.
  9. Show 'em who's in charge right up front. (use the dogs if necessary)
  10. Lock doors down five minutes after final bell.
  11. Keep parents and teachers away from each other at all costs. (use the dogs again if necessary)
  12. Focus on your bottom line.
  13. Never get close to the brats. Love 'em and leave 'em!!

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