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Duplicate and distribute these activities. Students may work independently or cooperatively.

Trade Talks
In segment 4, protestors have grown more vocal over their concerns about the decisions made by the World Trade Organization. In order to better understand the conflict between protestors and supporters of the World Trade Organization, conduct research to find out more about the following topics:

• What is the purpose of the World Trade Organization?

• How does the WTO make and enforce agreements?

• What groups are most likely to benefit from WTO agreements?

• What groups are most likely to suffer as a result of WTO agreements?

• To learn more about the WTO visit our website

Organize a debate on whether the WTO should be supported or abolished. Afterward, take a class poll on whether the WTO is a necessary organization in a global economy.

Sustainable Development
Tom French used his expertise as a chef to create a sustainable project that supports shelters and orphanages in Siberia. Using his business model, create a plan for a business venture that could make a difference.

• Assess the various needs in your community and create a list of challenges that require change or a solution. Choose one of these issues as the focus of your business venture.

• Decide how you will fund this project and how it will sustain itself.

• Design a business plan that maps out how you will achieve your goals over a set period of time.

Create a presentation that summarizes your ideas and present them to the class. You might ask the class for suggestions on how to improve upon your existing plan.

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