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Duplicate and distribute these activities. Students may work independently or cooperatively.

Metric System
In segment 11, we learned that the United States is one of only three countries that do not use the Metric System for measurements. What is the metric system, and why is it the preferred system for most other countries? Do some research on the metric system and its advantages and disadvantages. You may want to answer some of these questions in your research:

• Which system of measurement does the United States use?

• What are the base units of the metric system?

• What are the common length and distance measurements in the metric system?

• How are weight and mass measured in the metric system?

• Why do people say the metric system is the simplest measurement system?

Prepare either a written report or a graphic report that displays the information you've gathered about the metric system. Present your information to the class. You may also want to offer your opinion about whether or not the United States should adapt the metric system. The U.S. Metric Association Web site is a great starting place to help students learn more about the Metric System

Metric Conversions The employees of Kodak learned the basics of the metric system, and how to convert measurements using that system. Take a look at the metric conversion table below, and use it to answer the questions.

After you are finished with these exercises test your knowledge by visiting the Planet Work Web site to take our online Metric quiz.

Length and distance Multiply by: To find:
inches 2.540 centimeters
feet 30.480 centimeters
yards .914 meters
miles 1.609 kilometers
millimeters .039 inches
centimeters .394 inches
meters 1.094 yards
kilometers .621 miles

• A table is 35 inches long. How long is it in centimeters?

• If you are 5 feet, 3 inches tall, how tall are you in centimeters?

• If you travel 100 miles, how far have you traveled in kilometers?

• If a field is 20 yards long, how long is it in meters?

• If you drive 57 kilometers per hour, how fast are you going in miles per hour?

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