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Slow Food Plate Attention citizens! It's time to wake up and recognize a new threat taking aim at the very heart of our American lifestyle. For years, we have been quite content to be a country on the move. The freedom to work hard and to stuff our faces as quickly as humanly possible seems to be our birth right, right? That's why we invented Fast Food! But now, our whole fast way of life is under attack.

Slow Food Book This threat is called the Slow Food Movement, and it's gaining support among people who believe that fast food and fast lives are fast spinning out of our control. So what's the best way to combat this obsession with speed? Why, with Slow Food. "Slow Food is food that rediscovers the flavors and original cooking techniques that only personal attention can achieve." Hey, even in the busiest life there comes a time when you have to stop and smell the cheese, according to the Slow Food Official Manifesto, which you can read at http://www.slowfood.com.

According to the Slow Food propaganda:"We are enslaved by speed and have all succumbed to the same insidious virus: Fast Life Homo Sapiens should rid himself of speed before it reduces him to a species in danger of extinction."

Slow Food Website The Slow Food movement started as a humorous protest of fast food's proliferation around the globe, but since then it's developed into a major movement trying to save the world's unique food products, items that take time and craftsmanship to create and thus might be lost in the globalization shuffle.

Fast food is hardly on its way out, but Slow Food seems to also be here to stay. Today, Slow Food's headquarters in Bra, Italy employs about 200 people. Approximately 650,000 Slow Food members live in some 45 countries around the world, and there are 65 chapters in the United States expounding the philosophy of thinking globally but eating locally. The concept of Slow Food has grown into The Slow Cities movement, in which whole towns commit to maintaining and improving the quality of life for their citizens.

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