Season One

Makers: Women Who Make America
Meet some of the Women who make America.

The first season of Makers tells the remarkable story of the most sweeping social revolution in American history, as women have asserted their rights to a full and fair share of political power, economic opportunity, and personal autonomy. It’s a revolution that has unfolded in public and private, in courts and Congress, in the boardroom and the bedroom, changing not only what the world expects from women, but what women expect from themselves. The story is brought to life with priceless archival treasures and poignant, often funny interviews with those who led the fight, those who opposed it, and those first generations to benefit from its success.

Season One Episodes

Part One: The Awakening

Part One: The Awakening

The story of the birth of the modern Women’s Movement.

Part Two: Changing the World

Part Two: Changing the World

In the 1970s, feminism reshaped the relationships between men and women.

Part Three: Charting a New Course

Part Three: Charting a New Course

A focused look at the workplace, where women crashed through the glass ceiling.

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