Marie Antoinette and the French Revolution
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Queen as Mother: 1780-1786

A young Louis Joseph, Marie Antoinette's son
A young Louis Joseph, Marie Antoinette's son


Marie Antoinette and her children often reside at Petit Trianon, Versailles’ “nature retreat,” only occasionally inviting the king.
Around this time, Marie Antoinette is rumored to have a romantic relationship with the Swedish diplomat and French army officer, Count Axel von Fersen.


Marie Antoinette’s son Louis Joseph is born in 1781
A pamphlet showing Marie Antoinette with another man.
A pamphlet showing Marie Antoinette with another man.


Marie Antoinette is accused of ignoring her duties at court by spending all her time at play in her Trianon retreat.


The growing public hatred of Marie Antoinette is reflected and fed by an unstoppable supply of pamphlets, which portray the Queen as immoral, ignorant, extravagant, and adulterous.


Marie Antoinette’s son Louis Charles is born.
The Queen's Hameau
The Queen's Hameau
The Diamond Necklace Affair hurts Marie Antoinette's already-poor reputation. A thief forges the Queen's signature in order to purchase an extremely expensive that had been made for the Comtesse du Barry. The Cardinal de Rohan and a group of swindlers are truly at fault, but they are found innocent, while Marie-Antoinette is harshly (and permanently) judged in the court of public opinion.


Marie Antoinette’s daughter Sophie Béatrix is born.
Marie Antoinette builds Hameau, a mock village on the Versailles grounds, and is fiercely criticized for things she did and many more things she was imagined to be doing there.
Marie Antoinette and 2 of her children
Marie Antoinette and 2 of her children


Marie Antoinette's youngest daughter, Sophie Béatrix, dies shortly before her first birthday.


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